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School Rules / Discipline


  • Conduct themselves with dignity.
  • Respect all school property.
  • Be environment friendly.
  • Be courteous, and respect staff and fellow students.
  • Refrain from unruly behavior like running in the corridors and shouting and shrieking in school premises or aggressive behavior towards peers.


  • All students must abide by the "School Decorum" at all times.
  • Use of foul language will lead to very strict disciplinary action.
  • Bursting crackers or throwing colour on one another or painting faces within the school premises is forbidden.
  • Students are not permitted to bring mobile telephones electronic gadgets to school.
  • No student is allowed to bring sports equipment without prior permission.
  • Student / Parents should not bring visitors to school without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Any form of physical aggression (birthday bumps, etc.) can lead to immediate suspension.
  • Student who is found missing/ bunking classes will be liable for detention after school.
  • Student must desist from littering the school campus. Any student found littering will be penalized.
  • Student found deliberately missing classes, smoking or bullying children will be liable for suspension and, if continued, expulsion.